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At Shalimar Pointe Tennis Club we have league play throughout the week. Leagues last for 6-12 weeks. We host NWFTA Traveling, USTA-Florida, and "Just for Fun" leagues. Find the league that is right for you! Sign up or call for more information. (850) 651-8872


Ladies' Doubles               Wednesdays                                8:30 am

Men's Doubles                 Tuesdays/Thursdays                 6:00 pm

Men's Singles                   Seasonal

Ladies' NWFTA                Tuesdays/Thursdays                           

USTA Leagues                   Determined by Season              

Sr. Mixed Doubles            Wednesdays/Saturdays          9:00 am              

Mixed Doubles Round-Robin    

                                                Saturdays                                  mornings

Shalimar Pointe

League Victories

​Men's 4.5 Adult 18+ 2015 Local Area

Men's 8.0 Adult 40+ 2015 Local Area

Men's 8.0 Adult 18+ 2015 Local Area

 (850) 651-8872

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